C# Online Quiz – Level Beginner

Test your C# skills with mycodeblock.com Online Quiz. This quiz is designed to target beginner-level programmers. Score The quiz contains 20 questions, each correct answer will give you 1 point. To pass the quiz you need to score at least 70% i.e. 14 correct answers. If you don’t know C# or you want to get […]

Search User in Active Directory C#

In this article we will discuss how we can search specific user, and user details in Active Directory using C#. Getting Started I will be using a windows forms application for this example. The form consists of Textbox, Button and a Data Grid View. The user will enter the required User Id in the textbox, […]

Easiest Way to Read and Import Excel File Data into DataTable C#

In this article we will discuss how to Read or Import Excel file data into C# DataTable. For this example we will be using the ClosedXML .NET library.   What is ClosedXML? ClosedXML is .NET library which is used for manipulating and writing the 2007+ Excel files. The ClosedXML library is available for free on […]

Top 5 VSCode Extensions that make you Code Faster

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 VSCode extensions that can make your life as a coder a bit easier. With these extensions, we can improve our VSCode theme, increase productivity, increase code efficiency, etc. For those who don’t know what VSCode is, VSCode is software or a tool that we […]

How to Enable Session in Asp.net Core 6 and Above

In this article, we will see how we can enable session in an Asp.net Core 6 MVC web application. What is a Session? Session is a feature in Asp.net Core that allows us to maintain or store the user data throughout the application. Session can store any type of object. In Session, you can store […]

Top 10 React Interview Questions for 2022

Choosing the right technology for a new app or website is getting more complex. One of the fastest-growing Javascript frameworks is React. React certification has seen steady growth in demand as JavaScript technologies have gained traction in the market. React’s a low learning curve, reusable components, and clean abstraction make it an obvious choice for […]

Top 20 .NET Core Interview Questions

In this post, we will discuss the top 20 .NET Core interview questions. Prepare for your next .NET Core interview with our list of top 20 questions. 1- What is .NET Core? .NET Core is an open-source .NET platform that allows you to build cross-platform applications, so your apps can run on Windows, Linux, and […]

Generate Barcode in Asp.net Core with 4 Simple Steps

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In this article, we will see how to generate Barcode in the ASP.NET Core MVC project. A Barcode is a computer-readable pattern of parallel vertical lines of varying thickness. It is like a unique fingerprint for a product and is often printed on the item itself or its packaging. Organizations – such as manufacturers, distributors, […]

How to Record Screen on Windows as GIF

Introduction Want to record your screen to GIF but can’t figure out how on Windows? Here’s how you do it: Recording Screen and creating a GIF image of that recording is easier with the new ShareX Screen Capture software which made creating GIFs effortless. ShareX has many other features as well, but in this article […]

JWT Authentication in Asp.net Core Web API

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) are Industry Standard tokens (RFC 7519). They are self contained and can contain Credentials, Claims and Other information. The structure of JWT is basically a long string. The string is divided into 3 parts and each part is separated by “.”.  First Part – This is the header of the token. […]