25 Common C# Interview Questions for Freshers: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a fresher looking to start your career in C#, it’s important to prepare yourself for the interviews. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some common C# interview questions for freshers that can help you showcase your knowledge and skills. Let’s briefly discuss each of these questions: What is C#?  C# is a modern, […]

20 Most Popular Asp.net Core Interview Questions And Answers

In this post, we will discuss the 20 most popular Asp.net Core interview questions and answers. Prepare for your next Asp.net Core interview with our list of top 20 questions. 1) What is Asp.net Core? Asp.net Core is a web development framework for building web applications on the .Net platform. Asp.net Core is open source […]

Top 10 React Interview Questions for 2022

Choosing the right technology for a new app or website is getting more complex. One of the fastest-growing Javascript frameworks is React. React certification has seen steady growth in demand as JavaScript technologies have gained traction in the market. React’s a low learning curve, reusable components, and clean abstraction make it an obvious choice for […]

Top 20 .NET Core Interview Questions

In this post, we will discuss the top 20 .NET Core interview questions. Prepare for your next .NET Core interview with our list of top 20 questions. 1- What is .NET Core? .NET Core is an open-source .NET platform that allows you to build cross-platform applications, so your apps can run on Windows, Linux, and […]

Top 10 Asp.net interview questions (Web Forms)

1) What is Asp.net? Asp.net is a server side technology used for developing web applications. It was released in 2002 and has an .aspx extension to its pages.   2) What is the difference between client side and server side validation in Asp.net? Client side validation works on the client end(on the client’s browser in […]

Top 8 SQL Interview Questions

Interviewers commonly ask candidates SQL questions during job interviews because SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the standard language used to manipulate data stored in relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. These types of databases are important in the business world because they help companies store, organize, and manage all of their customer […]