Top 3 React Native code challenges


It is not sinful at all to say that cell phones are half of the soul of every individual when it comes to operating system development like Android or iOS development. Corporations often puzzle themselves about whether they should offer their customers a mobile app with an excellent User Interface (UI) and outstanding User Experience (UX) or apps that are compatible with multiple platforms and faster to develop in the first place. And hence, there comes the React Native development in the scene!


React Native code challenges and solutions


REACT Native helps developers create accurate and compelling mobile apps using JavaScript that supports Android and iOS platforms. You just need to code once, and the REACT Native apps are prepared for both iOS and Android platforms, which is extremely time-efficient. REACT Native developers have unrivaled popularity and also is upheld by Facebook, which is a big plus. Moreover, it has extensive community support nowadays. React Native is built on top of ReactJS, which has given massive competition to the long-time favorite, AngularJS. However, there are some similarities and differences between ReactJS and React Native. We will know and discuss the differences some other day. Today I’ll shed light on the top 3 React Native code challenges.


React Native framework become so important, Why?

The biggest reason is React Native framework is an open-source framework that could be compatible with other platforms like Windows or tvOS in the near future. Since it works in both Android and iOS, you can reuse its components for building apps for both operating systems. Over anything and every other aspect, it is effortless, quick, and efficient compared to other frameworks. Moreover, React Native isĀ  UI-focused, making the apps load quickly, providing a smoother feel, and performing better. Last but not least, this framework is an excellent pick for developers who have proficiency in JavaScript as there is no necessity to learn Android-specific Java or iOS’s Swift.


Advantages of using React Native framework

The main benefit of React Native is that you can write code once in JavaScript and enjoy the taste of React Native mobile apps on different platforms. However, React was first invented for iOS developers, and later on, Facebook backed it and provided the android platform’s license. Platform freedom is the biggest reason that makes it popular. Other than that, using the Native Framework allows for its faster development, ability to reuse components, and maintained expedite.

Moreover, it is a time-saving process; therefore, many companies and even individuals nowadays favor using React Native and NodeJS to produce excellent mobile applications. Having all these incredible features became today’s path-breaker in the mobile apps industry. However, many beginners face challenges starting with React development. When you start writing code to React Native, you face some common issues. Our quest is to find the top 3 code challenges in React Native development.


App Registry Error

Many beginners React developers initially face app registry error issues in their app. This error message pops up on your app’s runtime and shows “Your App is not registered.” The reason behind this error lies in your core process while creating the application, i.e., the application name in your app.json file. Correcting the file name itself will resolve this issue.


Library Error

A common challenge faced by React developers is “Library Error.” This error occurs due to inappropriate library installation. You may encounter “FirebaseCore.h not found” or “Firebase.h not found” while using the firebase library for push notifications. It will resolve the error as soon as you just reinstall and re-link your library manually again instead of automatically linking it.


Development Server Error

The development server error causes due to the metro bundler issue. Whenever you construct and run your React project, a packager starts up called Metro. Metro combines all your Javascript code into a single file and translates any Javascript code your device won’t understand.


Development Server Error in React Native apps


The given above image is an illustration of a Development Server Error. Restarting the Metro resolves the error immediately. For this, close your prior metro bundler => Navigate to “Your Project Directory” => hit command => “npm start,” and you are good to go.


Wrapping Up

Despite having a few flaws and loopholes, the Native Framework passes all the tests to become the number one option for almost every React Native development company to develop mobile apps. Therefore, it might be wise to say that a thousand miles journey begins with a single step. Beginners often face challenges through their coding journey. However, problem-solving and debugging make the path easier. Frequent practice will make you a better developer and is widely recommended.


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