Top 4 Reasons Why SQL is the Most Valuable Skill to Learn

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is not a database, It is the fundamental programming language for communication with relational databases. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 reasons on why SQL is the most valuable skill to learn.

#1 It is the most universal and common used database language

SQL is the language of data. It was in the 90s with the rapid growth of the .com industry, SQL databases were growing exponentially. This was the era when databases like SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL were created. It is important to note here that SQL is the language that is used to interact with the above-mentioned database products.

#2 Easy to Learn

When you compare SQL with languages such as C, C++, or JAVA it is extremely easy to get up to speed with SQL. SQL is a very logical and semantic language, which is easy to understand. The E in SEQUEL stands for English, which tells how much it’s like English.

#3 In-Demand Skill

SQL is used across various roles. Whether you want to be a software development engineer, DevOps engineer, Data Scientist, or even a Machine Learning Engineer, SQL is used for all of these job roles. Because of the growing role of data in our economy, SQL continues to be highly in-demand among employers.

#4 You Can Earn Great Money

Well due to high demand as mentioned in the above paragraph anyone with SQL as their skill can expect to be compensated very well.
As per Indeed.com the average salary for an SQL developer is $96,867 per year in the United States (March 12, 2022).


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