Top 5 VSCode Extensions that make you Code Faster

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 VSCode extensions that can make your life as a coder a bit easier. With these extensions, we can improve our VSCode theme, increase productivity, increase code efficiency, etc.

For those who don’t know what VSCode is, VSCode is software or a tool that we use to write our code. VSCode is a Microsoft tool, which is available for free. VSCode offers some nice extensions which make the life of coders a bit easier and this article discusses the top 5 of those extensions.

1 – Prettier


Prettier is an extension that has millions of downloads as it is very efficient. The use of this extension is to format our code. Formatting code consistently can be a challenge, particularly when working on a team. Code formatters like prettier can help solve this issue. A well-formatted code helps with the readability of a project. Once we install this extension and after doing some minor configurations, our code will be formatted as soon as we Save (Ctrl + S) our code.



2 – Material Theme


We developers love to work on the dark theme in our code editors. Dark themes are important because our laptop emits blue rays and dark theme helps developers to reduce the strain on their eyes due to these blue rays. Material theme is an extension that gives many shades to the dark theme. With the help of this extension, we can customize our VSCode look and feel.

3 – Indent Rainbow


The Indent Rainbow extension for VSCode makes indentation more readable by adding blocks of color to white space. This is more helpful in a language like Python where white space is significant but it also does work in any language.



4 – Auto Close Tag


If we are coding in Html, what we require is if we are writing the opening tag then the closing tag should appear automatically. If you are a college or university going student using HTML for your projects then this extension will be very helpful to you as it will reduce your repetitive work of writing the closing tag manually. Even experienced developers prefer using these kind of extensions to increase their efficiency and productivity.

5 – REST Client


If you are familiar with the Postman software tool, the basic task of this tool is to help JavaScript developers and app developers to test their API requests (GET, POST, etc). Now, with the help of this extension, you don’t have to switch between your VSCode and Postman software. REST Client is an extension for VSCode, allowing you to test your requests in the VSCode itself.

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Wrapping Up

So these were the top 5 VSCode extensions that I believe are very useful for developers to increase their productivity and efficiency. Hope you might use some extensions among the ones discussed in this article and take benefit from it.


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